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Dedicated to helping others find their joy and passion in daily life, Corinne shares of her own experience in the hopes of empowering others with the knowledge and skills she has developed while on her spiritual journey.

Corinne L. Casazza
Corinne L. Casazza

Corinne is an author and energy worker in Boston, Massachusetts. Whether she’s writing, teaching or facilitating a healing session, Corinne’s intention is to help others find their joy and passion in daily life. Corinne believes these exist in every moment; we just have to be present enough to feel them.

Corinne has published two novels, many magazine articles and a myriad of marketing pieces. She’s had the good fortune to interview many of the top names in personal growth including Dr. Joe Dispenza, Jean Houston, Carolynn Myss, Judith Orloff and the late Sylvia Browne. Corinne’s second novel Walk Like an Egyptian is available online. She’s currently at work on her third.

Writing led to Corinne’s spiritual awakening. Writer’s block while writing her first book caused her to find a self-hypnosis class. “I just knew if I could hypnotize myself, I could get the book written.” She took the class and finished writing the book so quickly, her editor asked what she was doing. “I’m putting my hands on the keyboard and asking what happens next.” And, indeed this worked for her. Primarily clairaudient (she receives guidance by hearing it), Corinne would listen and hear what happened next.

Hypnosis was the gateway to meditation and Reiki. Corinne could meditate deeply after only several months of practice. She noticed her hands got very hot during meditation. When she mentioned it to a friend, they suggested it was time she learned Reiki, so she became a Reiki Master. Corinne loves the healing arts and continues to learn and grow in this capacity.

“I share both my writing and healing work with the intention of helping others. Nothing is as fulfilling to me as when some tells me they learned something through one of my stories or had an “aha” moment during a session. It’s why I do what I do. I love working in the Light and making a difference.”

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