Why We Love Corinne

A compassionate healer and celebrated author, clients, students and fans alike all have just wonderful things to say about Corinne!
Here's just some of the reasons people love her.

Corinne is a powerful yet compassionately loving healer. Because of her tireless and continuing work on herself, she can identify with my feelings and situations, and that is priceless. It’s very comforting to receive assistance from someone who has walked through their own divorce, career issues and relationships.

When Corinne begin the Reiki energy, I was immediately transported visually to the healing temple of Isis. It was an outdoor pool lined with white marble columns. As the light poured in my vision and we worked on healing worthiness, and self-esteem issues through my lineage, my vision changed to the cosmos (stars) and two large circles began to run through me -- one to the left and one to the right.  At first the rhythm was wobbly and inconsistent like an old propeller plane getting started, but as Corinne worked, the frequency became fluid and the circles glowed with golden white light ... until the light became solid. I felt peaceful and restored to balance. Isis appeared and I could feel myself in a golden sphere of light. It was warm and empowering, and I have called this energy forth on many occasions since my session. Corinne’s connection and work were both magnificent.

- Nancy D, Pelham, NH

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