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The Adventures of Blue Belly and Sugar Shaker

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What do you get when you combine a real estate agent, a dressmaker, a mobster and a state trooper?

When Isabella Calamare’s real estate business begins to flounder, she decides to partner with a reputed mobster. But when a body turns up in their new construction, Isabella wonders if she’s next. Her new found ability to read the energy of people and places doesn’t seem to be helping any. Will Isabella rebuild her business or will she end up a good-looking corpse?

Publisher: Casazza Writing (April 8, 2015)

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Unwavering Strength

Stories to inspire you through challenging times

Unwavering Strength is a compilation of stories to inspire you to find strength and comfort in the journeys these authors have taken through experiences of grief, loss, trauma and heartache. From illness and death to loss and phobias, from daring escapes to bullying, these stories are about vastly different experiences, but are all similar in their message: The strength and power to overcome all types of adversity lies within each one of us.

Corinne’s chapter “Resplendent in Death: Gifts from my Mother” chronicles her journey from grief to joy at the death of her mother.


ISBN: 1500894982

Publisher: Hasmark Publishing (September 30, 2014)

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Walk Like An Egyptian

Senator Tab Pendleton has just received the Democratic nomination for President when his wife is viciously murdered in their home leaving a note naming him as the killer. Amid allegations he should stand down, Tab searches for answers and relies on ancient wisdom.

Tara Green is a flight attendant who longs to be a star. When she lands a national beer commercial, this unsuspecting beauty is thrust into unfamiliar territory. An assassin, the incumbent president and Senator Pendleton all converge on her for reasons she can't quite understand. Her vivid dreams of ancient Egypt and the Goddess Isis seem more real than her current Hollywood life, but are doing nothing to help her understand it.

Will Senator Pendleton use Tara’s Goddess magic to secure the presidency? Or will the president use her power for his own means?

ISBN: 9781605944012

Publisher: Llumina Press (January 4, 2012)

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Divided We Fall

Jack Casavetti's family is falling apart. His father is dying, his 18-year-old daughter is dating an older man, and his five-year-old talks to a ghost. When an accident threatens his youngest daughter's life, Jack learns the true meaning of "divided we fall."

ISBN: 9781595261892

Publisher: Llumina Press (2004)

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Writing from Love & Joy - Part 1

Whether you are an experienced writer or have never put pen to paper, whether you’re working on a story, or simply writing a journal, meditation can help you access your inner knowing. In this 3.56 minute meditation, Corinne guides you into Hathor’s Temple in Dendera, Egypt, the temple of Love and Joy. Use the energetic template of love and joy to help you write at any time!

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Writing from Love & Joy - Part 2

After you complete your writing for the day, this 2.39 minute meditation completes your initiation at the Temple of Love and Joy. Corinne reminds you that love and joy is your natural state and grounds you into the rest of your day with the blessings of love and joy.

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