About Walk Like An Egyptian

Awareness Magazine calls Walk Like an Egyptian “a fast and fun fiction that captivates the reader from the very first page.”

Senator Tab Pendleton has just received the Democratic nomination for President when his wife is viciously murdered in their home leaving a note naming him as the killer. Amid allegations he should stand down, Tab searches for answers and relies on ancient wisdom.

Tara Green is a flight attendant who longs to be a star. When she lands a national beer commercial, this unsuspecting beauty is thrust into unfamiliar territory. An assassin, the incumbent president and Senator Pendleton all converge on her for reasons she can't quite understand. Her vivid dreams of ancient Egypt and the Goddess Isis seem more real than her current Hollywood life, but are doing nothing to help her understand it.

Will Senator Pendleton use Tara’s Goddess magic to secure the presidency? Or will the president use her power for his own means?

ISBN: 9781605944012

Publisher: Llumina Press (January 4, 2012)

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