About Writing from Love & Joy (Part 1)

Eager to share her experience at Hathor's Temple in Egypt, Corinne created this meditation to help other writers
get into their heart space where their authentic voice resides.

Whether you are an experienced writer or have never put pen to paper, whether you’re working on a story, or simply writing a journal, meditation can help you access your inner knowing. In this 3.56 minute meditation, Corinne guides you into Hathor’s Temple in Dendera, Egypt, the temple of Love and Joy. Use the energetic template of love and joy to help you write at any time!

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Why We Love Corinne

  • Dedicated to Self-Growth & Awareness +

    Whether Corinne utilizes the power of Reiki or connects to the Angelic Realm, she connects to the heart of the Read More
  • Accurate, Supportive, Direct and Loving +

    Corinne has assisted me with Intuitive Guidance that has been accurate, supportive, direct and loving. She gently reminds me of Read More
  • Compassionately Loving Healer +

    Corinne is a powerful yet compassionately loving healer. Because of her tireless and continuing work on herself, she can identify Read More
  • Positive, Peaceful, and Mind-Expanding Experience +

    I approached my soul clearing with an open mind but had little in terms of expectations. Once my eyes were Read More
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