So You Wanna Write a Book… But Don’t Know Where to Start?

You want to write a book but you know it’s a lot of work and you have no idea where to begin. Even thinking about sitting at the keyboard has you running in the opposite direction. You can’t bear to sit there and stare at a blank screen one more time.

You’re passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through your message, but the thought of sitting down and organizing your thoughts leaves you paralyzed with fear.

You have so much experience to talk about, but you’re overwhelmed thinking about what to put in and what to leave out. You’re determined to deliver your story in a way benefits your audience, and frustrated because you can’t figure out how to do it.

Dreaming of Change?

​You’re ready to help others change their lives. You know sharing the obstacles you’ve overcome and how you overcame them can lead to transformation — this is the power of story.

You’re excited to help your whole audience create a better life for themselves — in their own unique way. You know they need to get out of their comfort zones to live the life of their dreams and you’re all about using your own life to show them how to do it.

You’d like to change your experience with writing so you can get past your fears and self-doubt and empower your audience. It is possible!

Does this sound like you?

  • You have so many thoughts swirling in your head, you can’t figure out where to begin?

  • You doubt you can finish a book, so why even start?

  • You feel so silenced by your inner critic you won’t even sit in front of your keyboard?

So You Wanna Write a Book moves you from feeling completely overwhelmed and frustrated to having clarity and direction. You’ll go from having a basic idea and not knowing where to begin, to being in the flow of writing your book and knowing what to say.

When you complete So You Wanna Write a Book, you’ll:

  • Move from having a head full of swimming thoughts and a vague idea to having a clear direction and a plan for your book
  • Have a step-by-step outline for writing your book so you’ll know where to begin and how to keep writing until you have a completed manuscript
  • Lose the doubt and fear you feel about writing so that writer’s block will be a thing of the past for you
  • Use your own life experience to reach your audience in way that’s meaningful and beneficial to them

This package includes:

So You Wanna Write a Book includes:

Get-it-on-the-Page Questionnaire

​Answer a few simple questions about what you want to write to help identify your biggest challenges. Deciding on some of the points you want to make in your book will help you feel less overwhelmed. Getting this information out of your head and onto the page gets you past the hurdle of knowing where to start and allows you to move forward in small, bite-sized pieces.

Structure-It-Your-Way Strategy Session

During this 90-minute call, we’ll discuss your ideas and determine how to make them most compelling to your audience. All of your questions about writing your book will be answered. You’ll leave this session confident and no longer feeling lost and confused about writing your book. Imagine sitting down to write knowing you can express your story in a way that’s beneficial to your audience and keeps them turning the pages.

Step-by-Step Book Outline

After your strategy session, you’ll work on the Step-by-Step Book Outline which will help you further refine your ideas for each chapter. You’ll understand the components of a good chapter and how to keep your reader turning the pages. You’ll be able to outline your entire manuscript using this document. Imagine how you’ll feel when you have a comeplete framework for your book!

Cheat Sheet: The Top 10 Mistakes New Writers Make

You’ll receive an in-depth listing of the top 10 mistakes new writers make. You’ll know what to avoid so you can make your writing fresh and meaningful from the start. And, if you’ve been making some common errors, this document provides easy fixes.

Final Follow-up Call

After you work on the Step-by-Step Book Outline, we’ll check back in with this 30 minute call to review your ideas for each chapter. We’ll discuss how to keep the reader engaged and reading. After this call, you’ll have a clear direction for your book and you’ll feel inspired to keep writing!

After you complete So You Wanna Write a Book, you’ll have a simple system to begin writing your book. You’ll gain confidence and freedom, and lose frustration and overwhelm.

Yay! You’re ready to write and have actual pages to show for it.

Here’s how to get started.

Investment: $300.00

Step 1: Click Here to Schedule Your Session and Pay for So You Wanna Write a Book…​

​Step 2: You’ll receive an email with the link to your Get-it-on-the-Page Questionnaire. Please be sure to complete the questionnaire before your scheduled strategy session.

 Still have questions? I can be reached at Corinne [at] CorinneCasazza [dot] com.

What clients are saying

Corinne, working with you is a new experience for me – when you read and give me feedback, I can feel that you’re reading not to change what I’m writing, but to truly sense what I’m talking about. I am clear you provide guidance for how to bring forth the truest expression. Kerri Lake

Author of the upcoming "Spiritually Gifted"

Corinne offers concise critiques with an empathetic tone. She gives instructive guidance in areas of writing/publishing such as point of view, chapter layout and marketing. In addition, Corinne is in touch with the negative self-talk that many creatives engage in and she excels at helping writers remove those limiting beliefs. Mary K. Williams

Lowell, MA Area writer and entrepreneur