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I love working with Corinne on my writing projects. When it was time to sit down and write a book, I found myself scattered with ideas. Corinne helped me get my ideas organized and we outlined a book in record time! She’s also been supportive, encouraging and sometimes a cattle wrangler to keep me on task and focused with my writing. So You Wanna Write a Book is the only program for you, if you’re ready to tell your story! Lauren Rainbow, Spiritual Medium, Entrepreneur, Author

Corinne, working with you is a new experience for me – when you read and give me feedback, I can feel that you’re reading not to change what I’m writing, but to truly sense what I’m talking about. I am clear you provide guidance for how to bring forth the truest expression. Kerri Lake

Author of the upcoming "Spiritually Gifted"

Corinne is passionate about writing and helping others with their writing goals. She takes the time to read your work and give a great critique, offering insights and suggestions. Her love of reading and writing shows with her enthusiasm and experience in all aspects of writing. Whether it be work on web content, articles, blogs or an Amazon best-seller, she is a truly talented and compassionate individual. You’ll be glad you chose her. Raeanne Santos

Lowell, MA

Corinne offers concise critiques with an empathetic tone. She gives instructive guidance in areas of writing/publishing such as point of view, chapter layout and marketing. In addition, Corinne is in touch with the negative self-talk that many creatives engage in and she excels at helping writers remove those limiting beliefs. Mary K. Williams

Lowell, MA Area writer and entrepreneur

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